Tuesday, 4 September 2012

love and pain

Why does love have to shed tears
Have fights every new dawn
And be misunderstood for it to be complete?
Is it that one should always
Hope for the best and expect the worst?
Why does completion in love
Include imperfection except when it comes to God?

Does that mean that without;
Fears that scare to death
Heartbreaks that resort to withdrawal
Anger that brings actions with regrets
And sadness similar to that of Juliet
It cannot relish in the hearts of men
To achive that dreamed of happily never after?

I know there are good times to keep love flourishing
But are not bad times the test of love?
Is one not required to prove themselves worthy
Only when they can support in dark times?
So love cannot exist without pain
Thus in love pain will thrive
Hence the adage
A friend in neeed is a friend indeed.

Some may beg to differ
But think about it first
Then decide if I am right or wrong.
Remember that those you love
Cause you the greatest pain
Yet you forgive them
Without a second thought.
So what is love without pain
Yet pain can exist without love?