Thursday, 29 November 2012

Survival after being deflowered.

Today I met a friend and we were fortunate enough to catch up and tap into the emotions of the heart. After we talked, all I could do, was liken the beauty of the human race to thatt of the flower.Like the roses and the chrysanthemums, comes the tester, justifier and denier. All  but types of men and women yearning not only be loved, but also to be understood. We live in a society whereby we judge from experience and forget, "To every theory there is an exception." Similarly, based on our past experiences, we tend to make people statistics other than individuals.

The flower thrives on cooperation of all parts. In the same way, man depends on cooperation. Be it from family, friends or colleagues, it is important. A community that adorns us with the confidence required. A people who enable us to discover who we are and exploit our fullest potential. Fortunately, there is more to the flower than the parts and cooperation, there is the ovary and filament. The source of life for the flowers that beautify the earth with their colours and scents.

The human heart and soul that need each other to achieve the very existence of a person. Without the soul, the human heart cannot strive to live. As life begins, we learn to establish walls that allow us to determine how close people come. At times we go through situations that make us create new walls. The basic effects of pain. They either draw us to addictions or make us push people away. Both tactics that cause us more pain than good. Fortunately, wee have those people who give so much of a damn that they push to see we survive.

After we have been made to lose hope. To look at ourselves and see failures. To lose faith in our abilities and to judge ourselves unfairly. There are those who look at us and see that which we stopped seeing in ourselves. With the aid of these persons, we come out of hiding. They help us develop new niceties and get a different perspective. They help us survive after our selfworth is questioned.

Although things never flow smoothly, be sure you get up from your downfalls. Remember, everyone who ever made it in life had rough patches. Just be sure to fill your life with positives and you will survive being deflowered.

Peaches has been there and today she has a lot to be grateful for.

Cheers :-)