Thursday, 29 November 2012

value projects

There are times in this life we somewhat aim for the impossible. We seek something that would not have been for us even if God willed it to as the end resut would be more devastative than helpful.
The other day I found myself in such a situation. My thoughts were constantly crippled by that inanimate feeling tearing at my heart. I had no way out as with each passing minute I continued to drown myself in chains of unworthiness. Then it finally hit me and I felt  as though I could kick myself as I had not snapped out of that strange oblivion sooner.
It was the that the monopoly of thoughts and feelings can only be controlled if you take time to stop and think. There are many ways to escape a problem, but one needs to do so in a proper manner. Escaping the problem does not make it any easier. It only complicates  things to a whole other dimension.
In the long run, only these things can achieve an almost perfect method of solution;
Stop in time and accept reality for what it is. Difficult as it may be, it is important.
Try and establish the cause of the problem and not why it is important to get over it as soon as possibble.
Figure out if it is worth your time, let alone your consideration.
And if it is worth it, whether failure to achieve the desired goal will not leave you feeling wasted and ruined.

I hope that when you encounter a problem, it will be worth dealing with. I say this because life is too short to involve yourself with pitiful baggage that you could be better off without.
Good luck, my friend, and I hope that unlike me, you will learn this trade sooner than later.

Goodday :-)