Thursday, 29 November 2012

Survival after being deflowered.

Today I met a friend and we were fortunate enough to catch up and tap into the emotions of the heart. After we talked, all I could do, was liken the beauty of the human race to thatt of the flower.Like the roses and the chrysanthemums, comes the tester, justifier and denier. All  but types of men and women yearning not only be loved, but also to be understood. We live in a society whereby we judge from experience and forget, "To every theory there is an exception." Similarly, based on our past experiences, we tend to make people statistics other than individuals.

The flower thrives on cooperation of all parts. In the same way, man depends on cooperation. Be it from family, friends or colleagues, it is important. A community that adorns us with the confidence required. A people who enable us to discover who we are and exploit our fullest potential. Fortunately, there is more to the flower than the parts and cooperation, there is the ovary and filament. The source of life for the flowers that beautify the earth with their colours and scents.

The human heart and soul that need each other to achieve the very existence of a person. Without the soul, the human heart cannot strive to live. As life begins, we learn to establish walls that allow us to determine how close people come. At times we go through situations that make us create new walls. The basic effects of pain. They either draw us to addictions or make us push people away. Both tactics that cause us more pain than good. Fortunately, wee have those people who give so much of a damn that they push to see we survive.

After we have been made to lose hope. To look at ourselves and see failures. To lose faith in our abilities and to judge ourselves unfairly. There are those who look at us and see that which we stopped seeing in ourselves. With the aid of these persons, we come out of hiding. They help us develop new niceties and get a different perspective. They help us survive after our selfworth is questioned.

Although things never flow smoothly, be sure you get up from your downfalls. Remember, everyone who ever made it in life had rough patches. Just be sure to fill your life with positives and you will survive being deflowered.

Peaches has been there and today she has a lot to be grateful for.

Cheers :-)

value projects

There are times in this life we somewhat aim for the impossible. We seek something that would not have been for us even if God willed it to as the end resut would be more devastative than helpful.
The other day I found myself in such a situation. My thoughts were constantly crippled by that inanimate feeling tearing at my heart. I had no way out as with each passing minute I continued to drown myself in chains of unworthiness. Then it finally hit me and I felt  as though I could kick myself as I had not snapped out of that strange oblivion sooner.
It was the that the monopoly of thoughts and feelings can only be controlled if you take time to stop and think. There are many ways to escape a problem, but one needs to do so in a proper manner. Escaping the problem does not make it any easier. It only complicates  things to a whole other dimension.
In the long run, only these things can achieve an almost perfect method of solution;
Stop in time and accept reality for what it is. Difficult as it may be, it is important.
Try and establish the cause of the problem and not why it is important to get over it as soon as possibble.
Figure out if it is worth your time, let alone your consideration.
And if it is worth it, whether failure to achieve the desired goal will not leave you feeling wasted and ruined.

I hope that when you encounter a problem, it will be worth dealing with. I say this because life is too short to involve yourself with pitiful baggage that you could be better off without.
Good luck, my friend, and I hope that unlike me, you will learn this trade sooner than later.

Goodday :-)  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Treasures in life

There are times in life we look back and get surprised by the emotion that engulfs us. Planning out a short term future does not work out as well as a long term plan may work. That which you may seek most at your time of need may prove to be more destructive than you perceive. In every calculated action comes a possible misguided notion that is blinded if one thinks with their heart and not the mind. Life has never seemed simple yet in all honesty, we complicate it ourselves.

We always know what is good for us, yet we do the complete opposite hoping for a different result. The fit of disappointment we have to deal with when the obvious outcome prevails is usually more bruising than that which is unforeseeable. Picking ourselves up from a first time failure is easier than whe you try to overcome a repeat of the same. Why? Because then one has to let go of two things; a habit and the aftermath of failure.

Sadly, our emotional state is also affected because we cannot control what the heart chooses to love. Fortunately, we can choose whom and what we give our heart to. The common saying that love is blind is a mere fault of choice. Just because you love a man, does not mean he has the right to practise domestic violence. If he claims to value you, he willl learn to correct other than instill fear in you. Other times, time brings about incompatibility. The worst thing one can do is blame theselves for the mistakes of another.

In the past two weeks, I learnt two things.
One should not belame themselves for the mistakes of others. Just because someone was not content with what you gave them, does not mean you did anything wrong.
Be with people who make you feel it is okay to be imperfect.

Life is too short to be unhappy, but we all have a fair share of ups and downs. Without them we would not be who we are today. We may not be able to choose when things can go right or wrong, but we can choose who we want to share those moments with. These people tell us that truth we do not want, but need to hear. They pull us up when we fall and help us think when emotions blind us. Appreciate these people every once in a while as they make memorable momentos of life.

Cheers to you if you've made me smile. I appreciate you for being there.

Monday, 5 November 2012

the gratefulness of my heart

I mean sometimes alI just want
Is for that person to read the words infront of them
And without trying to read in between the lines
Or trying to find the catch in the grammatical positioning
They understand what it is I am saying.
Whether it is the simple 'I miss you'
Or the complicated 'Í need you more than you know'
I expect them to get it.
But then the question dawns
Why should I expect you to know how I feel
If I constantly keep sending signals
Instead of coming right out and saying it?
Do I have to explain every gory detail
Yet I know that once I start,
Either I will break down at some point
Or give up altogether?
And then you manage to convince me that
If I trust you,
Everything will be alright and I believe you.
For this reason,
I have a lot to thank you for.
For the times you stayed up with me when I cried
For kissing me on the forehead to show me you care
For holding my hand when I was afraid
And mostly,
For being there when I needed you the most.
I know am not perfect, but,
Thank you for making me feel that it is okay not to be perfect.

I love you Duan,
Peaches :-*