Monday, 14 January 2013

By The Poolside

By the poolside
Watching as the water
Though still, moving with the grace of a swan.
Some embrace  the waves and glide
While those who choose to face their fears fight.
Yes, all this in one place that brings us together.
Fathers trying to teach their children a way of life
Lads trying to impress the lasses
Known as the epitome of beauty.
And as if to affirm my thoughts there she was
Slowly taking a chance into the open
Catching the eye of every person with an interest in true beauty.
For everyone but her
Time stands still as they evaluate that which is before them
For her, however,
It is but a nature of life.
Then with her first splash
The distraction is disrupted
And I realise
That as everyone muses in whispers and looks
Some as critics and sme as praisers
That perfection varies in the hearts of men
And is thus bound to differ from time into space.
Ah yes!
How very similar yet different
Though time stands still for all of them.