Wednesday, 30 January 2013


As the days go by I learn to embrace the art of missing you. The other day I was pondering over the emptiness of my heart as I had lost one few too many. Some by choice others by circumstances that God had in store before I ever decided to make. The day was dull as my moods were captured by a circus of emotions and thoughts. Then as if my hands understood the distress of my heart, they began to write. At that point, only words could express what I felt. I myself was overwhelmed but I could not comprehend the nature of that dilemma. When wishes become but a silent hope of change. When you intuitively seek an indifference that cannot be aired out in the open, but expecting a reality without a starting point is a fatality that can not only break a heart but all slowly destroy a relationship of any kind. I miss you terribly and as I keep counting the days until your return, I ask God to give me strength as not to fill up that emptiness with grief. Please take care of yourself and ensure that you do not lose the memoirs that remind us of why we are still together. We do not know what to expect as time goes by, but we both have an end that we aim to achieve in unison. Sometimes the pain is bittersweet but most times it has its advantages. Although it may not seem big, I appreciate your efforts in every way.Small or big, long or short, high or low, I need them as I know you do.
Thank you for being my; Love, Bestfriend, Soulmate and my everything. Thank you for making it easy to love you and hard to live without you.