Wednesday, 9 January 2013

God's will

Yesterday I woke up feeling as though a train had run over me in my sleep. Despite the mood, I picked myself up and started for school. My mind was captured by thoughts that kept crashing into each other. I couldn't think straight and so I decided to find an escape route  in music. Eventually, I found myself listening to the lecturer. I was glad  we were watching some sort of movie, because if she had said anything of mere importance, it would have worked like GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. The day seemed to be sluggish enough and  all I wanted was for the day to end and find me curled up in bed, ready to face another day. Fortunately, a certain lad got me out of class and brightened me up.
At times we find ourselves in ruts that we need to be towed out of. This was one such point for me in life. As God would have it, I went to the right person. It only takes one who genuinely cares to listen with the patience of a bird teaching its young one to fly. The last time  I had been able to speak heartily to someone had been last year October. It felt so real and weight lifting. With every word and tear I felt the heft weakening. Being a father enabled him to listen and understand that I was hurting. In the end, I was grateful for the few moments we spent  together.
Each and every day I had been seeking a way out and here it was being given a simple solution. It made me reason with myself. I had been blinded by my own  actions. I had been  derailing myself, but as always God's timing is always the best. It may not always be in line with what we think we need, but it is always the best option. I had to learn to open up my heart to the changes that surround and stop being stubborn. It will not be easy, but at least I know it is God's will  for y life.
As the journey to new beginnings commences, I hope to make due where I should and learn new things.
I would also like to give a heartful gratification to my friend. A loving father, committed fiance, a dutiful son, and last but not least, a good friend.

Thank you God for guiding me despite my faults.

Love, Peaches