Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The other day I was seeking inspiration for a piece when the picture of a father holding his daughter came to mind. From that point, thoughts streamed through my mind and I decided to put them in words. There are certain aspects of the human  behaviour that are rather incomprehensible. One of them being the relationship between a father and his children. There is nothing more thrilling than when you look at a father smiling down on his child.
A real father is not one who helps make the baby, but the one who sets apart his time to be there as the child matures into a young man or lady. This concept becomes very visible at the time of  receipt. When a woman calls her man and breaks the news that she is pregnant, his reaction can tell alot about how he plans to conduct himself as he treads into the unknown journey of fatherhood.
As always, one registers a certain amount of shock. Then a multitude of thoughts cross their mind and finally, the right emotion is portrayed. At this point, some leave their places of work to go meet their loved ones. Others announce it to the whole office. For those who are very in touch with their religious dimension send a prayer to the higher power. There are so many reactions that are seen depending on the level of appreciation one has for such an occasion.
Through the nine months, they make themselves available because for them it is much more than just a child. It is a representation of their pride. They await a little one whom they can teach how to go through life. Another being to shower their unconditional love. One to raise and correct the mistakes they think their parents made. One to carry own the family name he wishes to establish as time comes and goes.
With that the plans begin. They start to think of where they would like their child to grow up, what schools they should attend and what they would teach them. Learning the philosophy of fatherhood is quite intruiging and, that is why those who are fathers tend to have a form of pride that is hard to shake down. The way in which men show a sensitivity towards their little ones is so delicately beautiful that it is impressive. Spoiling their daughters, teaching their sons how to play ball and ride bikes, and the most important; teaching them how to value themselves.
Fortunately, I was blessed with such a father and though he may not be the perfect person, I could not ask more of him. Learn from your parents as much as you can because what they do right you adopt, what they do contrary to your beliefs, you get to change them when you have your own little ones.

Take a new turn and appreciate those men in your life. They are more than just guardians. They are mentors without asking. Role models without choosing and friends by nature.