Saturday, 12 January 2013


Stupidty is like doing something that you know
Will hurt someone at the end of it all.
Stupidity is putting yourself
Emotion infront of the gam.
Stupidity is forgetting the people who
Love you and care and running steadily
To the hypocrites of love and romantics.
Stupidity is of not reading between
The lines of a very dumb joke
Yet it is meant to mock you.
Stupidity is believing in the falsehood of fantasy
And basing your life on it.
Stupidity is yapping around bullshit about others
Whereas you act bitchy around your pals.
Stupidity is depending on yourself
Yet God is the one to lean on.
Stupidity is believing that time will stop
For you to count  your past mistakes.
Stupidity is allowing yourself to be taken away
By wordly passion and hastey love
Whereas there is a prince charming
Awaiting and believing in  your true love.
Stupidity is not reading this all this
And not putting it into into your punny subconscience
And correcting your stupidity
That is too stupid to be stupefied.

Those were the fine words of a dear friend.
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