Wednesday, 30 January 2013


In the living room, there is a picture of two birds that speaks of parental love. It says  that a father's love is higher than the mountains while that of a mother is deeper than the sea. I had never before put it into thought until I discovered that though parents do love  you the same, to some extent, the love of a mother is incomparable. According to geologists, the highest mountain is Mount Everest has a recorded height of 8850 metres above sea level. In contrast, the deepest ocean is the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench with an estimated 10,294 metres below sea level. Truly, the love of a mother is harder to define than that of a father.
Sometimes we never get to appreciate just  how much our mothers do for us.
From conception, they choose to keep us and not kill us. They go for checkups and eat to ensure that we become healthy babies. They do not complain about the pain they endure and even after birth, for them, the joy of seeing us alive and healthy overrides their muscular pains.
The mother then has to eat to lactate, change her working plan to make you the first priority. She introduces you to the faith the family follows and ascertains that she is there for you no matter what. She teaches you how to be clean, how to  use the bathroom, how to greet people and even how to eat.
When you mature with time, she becomes more involved for you to learn how to relate with the fairer gender. She will be angry when you do not do something, because friends also feel hurt when you do the opposite of their expectations. She will exhibit all sorts of emotional reactions that help you understand how society may react and how to handle them.
She will teach you how to cook and clean bearing in mind that one day you will live alone and later on have a family. She fights your battles when  your father is mad at you. She will take you shopping to make sure you have the basic needs and the style you want. She will be mad at you but humble herself to talk to you even when she should not. She is you emotional and spiritual strength. This is why sons marry their mothers so to say and daughters always compare mother-in-laws with their mothers.
It took a long time for me and my mother to form a bond, but as of the moment she is someone whose opinion matters most in my life.
Take time to appreciate them. They forgive you when you least expect and love you regardless. That is why even women who abort miss their unborn. She may  not always be the good guy in your eyes, but trust me when you start a family of your own, you will undersatnd.