Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Trust in Friendship

There are times in life we meet people, and with time, we slowly let them into our inner circles. Depending on what time does to the friendship, walls keep breaking until the point of no return. Unfortunately, little things can make those walls come back up within minutes.  The heart of a person can only deal with so much, and when those closest to you act as the enemy, you break with each passing minute. Having to put up a straight face and act as if you do not know what transpires in your absence can take a toll.
Life is like a pool of resources. Some you cannot live without and others you are better of without. People fall into this category as well. It is said that the only person you should trust is yourself. Today, after 18 years of existence, I agree with it fully. I tend to be an observer of traits and at times although tit for tat is an option, I forego the mental activity and leave it to God. With that, another frienship begins to fade as lead does on a piece of paper. Slowly, carefully, but always leaving traces of a thing that was and is ceasing to have meaning, unless redone. Promises are made and broken, but not all can heal with a similar ppace of immediacy. Some hurt more than othes, but they only make you stronger.
Last Year I met and  formed friendships. Today, some I wish to leave behind, and others I cannot wait to make more memories. However, because of my experiences, I put up new walls and broke some.
As life goes on, learner beware. Waves and tides will come your way. Just be sure to put the efforts in the right place. Life is like an empty jar. When you put in golf balls, space is left. You add pebbles, something is still needed. Sand becomes an option and finally coffee.
The golf balls are the important things. Make sure they are prioritised. The pebbles are luxuries you can leave with. The sand and coffee, however, you can leave without. Life does not need perfection, but satisfaction that appeases the heart. Friendships happen the same way. Some are more meaningful than others, just be careful which ones you prioritise.

love, Peaches.