Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Dear Son,

From the day I first held you. I knew you were destined for greatness. You looked so innocent and I had nothing but the best of dreams for you. I had so many plans for you. The first time you said 'mama' you took my breath away. You were born with a deformity but that never stopped you. You wanted something that was beyond yourself. Sometimes it hurt me to see you struggle so much and I blamed myself. Then one day when we had finished praying you came to me. "Mom don't keep worrying about my pain, not so long now." Honestly, that scared me more than anything. I was afraid that maybe I was losing you but you proved quite the opposite. Today I look back and I couldn't be more proud. Thank you for teaching me something priceless.


When we look at the people around us, we are met by many questions. Sometimes we get answers if we ask, but other times we just want to take a seat and watch them prosper. At times we may get invited to share in their happiness and sorrows, but we always want something for ourselves. We all have dreams we hope to achieve. The problem is that sometimes we wait so long to start them that they die down. Other times we give up. Some of us use our short comings as excuses for being failures. We fail not because of our disabilities, but because of our attitude of inability. Imagine if Stephen Hawking, the man in the wheelchair viewed himself as defeated by nature. He  had everything against him and yet he knew better than himself that he would not let that be his bondage.
Oscar Pistorious is known as the man who runs on blades. His legs were amputated but that was not the end of him. He pushed himself to a point where looking back, those choices would have meant nothing if he never believed in himself. Yes we go through hardships, but when you use them as excuses, you become a failure by choice. Realise that your passions are bigger than your disabilities.  It is said that when the going gets tough the tough get going.
There are times when we are quick to judge others on their mistakes while we have done nothing to begin with. What we forget is that the one making mistakes learns more than we do by watching and criticising. The road to success is wider than we think. There comes a time when one is met by a detour or an alternative route that may not make sense, but a choice has to be made.
Can I make it? Will they support me? Am I really capable? Will I manage to make them see what I believe in? These questions run through our minds every time we choose to start something new. The fear of failure tears away into our hearts and for some, it manages to stop us from becoming what we aspire to be. This year however, I have a couple of friends who have decided that their passion is bigger than their fears. One has gone into acting and couldn't be happier. Another has taken up photography and I am definitely proud of him. My sister started her own jewellery line. They are taking risks to get where they want to be.
We were made to aim for perfection. That is what I have been learning the past and current semester. That there is something greater than what I can envision. I always thought that those who made it big early in life were just lucky, but I came to understand that if you take a keen interest in something, and put your all in it, chances of failure are slim. That however depends on what one views as success. So this year challenge yourself to be that which you want, but remember, a dream never becomes reality until you take the first step. Do not be afraid to make difficult choices because we are greater than the circumstances we are put in.

I hope we will be celebrating the first few steps of success at the end of the year.