Saturday, 19 October 2013


Most of my life I spent writing poems and I had fun expressing myself on paper. They were even more valuable when people seemed to connect with the art of playing with words from an emotional and intellectual level mixed. However, like every child, I want to grow up and put an end or very little focus to poetry come the end of this month. I want to get out of that emotional cocoon and open myself up to the myriads of real experiences people go through and put them in a form of short stories or imaginative features that trigger images and bring people to the realities around them.
The reason for this shift is that I would like to begin writing a book. I know that I cannot write fantasy or fiction because of trial and error. I also know that following up a series of events can be somewhat difficult. Coming across an experience and illustrating it at that moment works best for me and I am ready to take that new step. The rest of the month will be filled with my last pieces that I chose to put up other than destroy.

This transition is an example of many things that I am leaving behind as I close a certain chapter of my life. The past  is something most of us struggle with and no matter how much we may try to forget, without them, we wouldn't be who we are today. The past creates two sides to every person. The one we are and the one we would like to be. And sometimes, we are think we are stuck in what we are, but change is not always that bad. The change is not about external pressures but internal motives. Take up daily exercises because you want to be fit, and not to make those around you notice you. Get married because you found the right man and are ready to make that step. If you do it because society dictates that you marry at a certain age, or your family cannot seem to get off your back, guess who will be miserable? You, you and you.
The other day I spoke to a friend and they shared how the past consumed them because they were afraid of the mistakes that were possible. My father says that "History repeats itself". Oscar Wilde says "To define is to limit". The two intertwined are true to certain extents but that always comes down to an individual. Who you are was a result of the choices you made in the circumstances that surrounded you. Who you can be will be a result of conscious choices based on your dreams and who you are. If you choose not to make that mirror look, you become stuck in your own fears and possible dreams

"Life is like a book. Unless you turn the pages, you are stuck in the suspense of what you can do and that which you cannot." This is my new mantra. Turn the pages and be in control but be true to yourself.
For those who are religious, remember God is the beginning of your existence.
For the non-believers, remember it starts from within and not without.
For all of us, let not your past define you. The circumstances may be disabling, but capability can only be limited by thoughts.
What do you want to leave behind? Why?? And where are you going???

Just a morning thought........