Monday, 14 October 2013


It started out as a day of sweetness. One that left me smiling just thinking about it. Now as I write this my hear is contorted with knots of reality. I wanted so much to forget my past endeavour. I needed to stop the condemnation of my faults, but it proved futile. My moods deepened to an unexpected sadness. I had hoped for a peaceful recovery but I was wrong. Met with a reminder of pain and sorrow, I sat questioning the sanity of the desires of my heart.
Should I have?
But with the occurrence of past events, those outside my control, I felt the need to do so.
Did I betrayed who I am?
Maybe. I felt as though I brought war between my heart and soul.
Had I lost myself?
No. I just made it appear as though I did.
Did I break?
No. I just triggered a part of me I tried so much to bury. All because of him and my wants.