Monday, 14 October 2013


Like a river flowing by the rocks,
It flows into our hearts
Getting deeper with each distance it covers
Becoming conscious with each passing moment
It is like a pearl that is cherished for its beauty
Valued for its rareness
And treasured for its meaning.

It is like a rare gem among the rubies
Hard to notice but when captured it is breathtaking
And like many things it has a foundation
One that is laid by different actions
Especially those that ate encouraging
And those who are truly mindful
Take note of one's interests and feelings.

A friendship is made by two or more
But the best one is between you and God
Then the others should fall into place
And no matter how hard it may seem to be
When achieved it is so precious that letting go will prove to be a challenge.

The beauty of an apple is seen on the outside.
But even as a fruit it comes in various colours
The few who bite into one understand what it does to their taste buds
That is who some opt fro green apples, some the red and others pinklady.
Similarly, until you spend time with a person
You will never know what they can be in your life
Don't be too quick to judge
Seek to understand then to be understood
The difference this makes in a friendship can only be told by those who travelled the path.

Appreciate a friend today!