Monday, 14 October 2013


If I said it hurt,
I would not have completely explained it
And so I choose to call it an enigma
One that is so accurate in feeling
Yet lost in a myriad of words that seem to be worthless by the letter.
The pain is somewhat unbearable
Yet my heart is till in one piece.
The tears trickle on the inside
But the reason is beyond my understanding.
I want to cry
But the tears choose to remain within
I want to scream
But my voice softens when I open my mouth
I want to quit
But my conscience believes I can go on
Yet each time I think about it
I am overwhelmed by emotions that cannot be explained
If I could, I would write the pain away
If I could, I would take pictures and hang them on a wall
If I could, I would take the brush and paint the story
If I could, I would take up a character in a play just to leave my reality
But who am I kidding?
I can get through this
The problem is that I am afraid of what I am capable of
And until I trust in the one above
I become stuck in a dimension with no exit
Yet all I have to do is remember the way I got in.