Monday, 14 October 2013


Recently I met a lad who seems to always put a smile on my face. Each time I look at him I see something different and it amazes me. The first time we met, there was an innocence about him that was almost pure. The second time I saw him I felt as though I was looking at a creation with so much to give and I wanted to know him, but something held me back. As time went by, the lad and I became  friends. The last time I saw him, I saw a truth in his eyes I knew was different. An air of ease that is too exquisite it makes me want to act but I cannot without some form of nudge.
My nerves jump when I see him but when we converse they take to a calmness I seem to enjoy. I would say I love having him around, but am sure it would go to his head and I would never hear the end of it. His interests fascinate me because they speak of a need that can only be filled by a perfection granted by God. Each time he glances my way I find myself smiling and the response is similar. There is something about him that is dangerously captivating yet serene in ways I can't explain.
I know there are many words I can use to define him, but time will tell of how he shall be defined. As I get to know him I shall write more to explain who he is and the impact he seems to have in my life..........