Monday, 14 October 2013

Thinking of you

Over the next few weeks I will  be putting up some of the poems I pieced together in high school and some are just random thoughts I had in my own experiences.

I wonder what you are up to.......
Maybe you're lazing in bed as you like
Or dragging yourself to eat.
Do you want to take a shower?
Or is it the skateboard you're after?
Being serious in the library
Or spending a pound in your fave shop?
Playing in the snow
Or tucked away in your blanky?
Making a new friend 
Or breaking a girl's heart?
Thinking about me 
Or checking out your cute teacher?
Cringing in the exam room
Or screaming at the carnival?
Nervous as you get your results 
Or taking a walk in the night?
Whichever it is you are up to,
Remember someplace somewhere
A young lass is thinking about you.