Wednesday, 30 January 2013


In the living room, there is a picture of two birds that speaks of parental love. It says  that a father's love is higher than the mountains while that of a mother is deeper than the sea. I had never before put it into thought until I discovered that though parents do love  you the same, to some extent, the love of a mother is incomparable. According to geologists, the highest mountain is Mount Everest has a recorded height of 8850 metres above sea level. In contrast, the deepest ocean is the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench with an estimated 10,294 metres below sea level. Truly, the love of a mother is harder to define than that of a father.
Sometimes we never get to appreciate just  how much our mothers do for us.
From conception, they choose to keep us and not kill us. They go for checkups and eat to ensure that we become healthy babies. They do not complain about the pain they endure and even after birth, for them, the joy of seeing us alive and healthy overrides their muscular pains.
The mother then has to eat to lactate, change her working plan to make you the first priority. She introduces you to the faith the family follows and ascertains that she is there for you no matter what. She teaches you how to be clean, how to  use the bathroom, how to greet people and even how to eat.
When you mature with time, she becomes more involved for you to learn how to relate with the fairer gender. She will be angry when you do not do something, because friends also feel hurt when you do the opposite of their expectations. She will exhibit all sorts of emotional reactions that help you understand how society may react and how to handle them.
She will teach you how to cook and clean bearing in mind that one day you will live alone and later on have a family. She fights your battles when  your father is mad at you. She will take you shopping to make sure you have the basic needs and the style you want. She will be mad at you but humble herself to talk to you even when she should not. She is you emotional and spiritual strength. This is why sons marry their mothers so to say and daughters always compare mother-in-laws with their mothers.
It took a long time for me and my mother to form a bond, but as of the moment she is someone whose opinion matters most in my life.
Take time to appreciate them. They forgive you when you least expect and love you regardless. That is why even women who abort miss their unborn. She may  not always be the good guy in your eyes, but trust me when you start a family of your own, you will undersatnd.


The other day I was seeking inspiration for a piece when the picture of a father holding his daughter came to mind. From that point, thoughts streamed through my mind and I decided to put them in words. There are certain aspects of the human  behaviour that are rather incomprehensible. One of them being the relationship between a father and his children. There is nothing more thrilling than when you look at a father smiling down on his child.
A real father is not one who helps make the baby, but the one who sets apart his time to be there as the child matures into a young man or lady. This concept becomes very visible at the time of  receipt. When a woman calls her man and breaks the news that she is pregnant, his reaction can tell alot about how he plans to conduct himself as he treads into the unknown journey of fatherhood.
As always, one registers a certain amount of shock. Then a multitude of thoughts cross their mind and finally, the right emotion is portrayed. At this point, some leave their places of work to go meet their loved ones. Others announce it to the whole office. For those who are very in touch with their religious dimension send a prayer to the higher power. There are so many reactions that are seen depending on the level of appreciation one has for such an occasion.
Through the nine months, they make themselves available because for them it is much more than just a child. It is a representation of their pride. They await a little one whom they can teach how to go through life. Another being to shower their unconditional love. One to raise and correct the mistakes they think their parents made. One to carry own the family name he wishes to establish as time comes and goes.
With that the plans begin. They start to think of where they would like their child to grow up, what schools they should attend and what they would teach them. Learning the philosophy of fatherhood is quite intruiging and, that is why those who are fathers tend to have a form of pride that is hard to shake down. The way in which men show a sensitivity towards their little ones is so delicately beautiful that it is impressive. Spoiling their daughters, teaching their sons how to play ball and ride bikes, and the most important; teaching them how to value themselves.
Fortunately, I was blessed with such a father and though he may not be the perfect person, I could not ask more of him. Learn from your parents as much as you can because what they do right you adopt, what they do contrary to your beliefs, you get to change them when you have your own little ones.

Take a new turn and appreciate those men in your life. They are more than just guardians. They are mentors without asking. Role models without choosing and friends by nature. 


As the days go by I learn to embrace the art of missing you. The other day I was pondering over the emptiness of my heart as I had lost one few too many. Some by choice others by circumstances that God had in store before I ever decided to make. The day was dull as my moods were captured by a circus of emotions and thoughts. Then as if my hands understood the distress of my heart, they began to write. At that point, only words could express what I felt. I myself was overwhelmed but I could not comprehend the nature of that dilemma. When wishes become but a silent hope of change. When you intuitively seek an indifference that cannot be aired out in the open, but expecting a reality without a starting point is a fatality that can not only break a heart but all slowly destroy a relationship of any kind. I miss you terribly and as I keep counting the days until your return, I ask God to give me strength as not to fill up that emptiness with grief. Please take care of yourself and ensure that you do not lose the memoirs that remind us of why we are still together. We do not know what to expect as time goes by, but we both have an end that we aim to achieve in unison. Sometimes the pain is bittersweet but most times it has its advantages. Although it may not seem big, I appreciate your efforts in every way.Small or big, long or short, high or low, I need them as I know you do.
Thank you for being my; Love, Bestfriend, Soulmate and my everything. Thank you for making it easy to love you and hard to live without you.


Monday, 14 January 2013

By The Poolside

By the poolside
Watching as the water
Though still, moving with the grace of a swan.
Some embrace  the waves and glide
While those who choose to face their fears fight.
Yes, all this in one place that brings us together.
Fathers trying to teach their children a way of life
Lads trying to impress the lasses
Known as the epitome of beauty.
And as if to affirm my thoughts there she was
Slowly taking a chance into the open
Catching the eye of every person with an interest in true beauty.
For everyone but her
Time stands still as they evaluate that which is before them
For her, however,
It is but a nature of life.
Then with her first splash
The distraction is disrupted
And I realise
That as everyone muses in whispers and looks
Some as critics and sme as praisers
That perfection varies in the hearts of men
And is thus bound to differ from time into space.
Ah yes!
How very similar yet different
Though time stands still for all of them.


Saturday, 12 January 2013


Stupidty is like doing something that you know
Will hurt someone at the end of it all.
Stupidity is putting yourself
Emotion infront of the gam.
Stupidity is forgetting the people who
Love you and care and running steadily
To the hypocrites of love and romantics.
Stupidity is of not reading between
The lines of a very dumb joke
Yet it is meant to mock you.
Stupidity is believing in the falsehood of fantasy
And basing your life on it.
Stupidity is yapping around bullshit about others
Whereas you act bitchy around your pals.
Stupidity is depending on yourself
Yet God is the one to lean on.
Stupidity is believing that time will stop
For you to count  your past mistakes.
Stupidity is allowing yourself to be taken away
By wordly passion and hastey love
Whereas there is a prince charming
Awaiting and believing in  your true love.
Stupidity is not reading this all this
And not putting it into into your punny subconscience
And correcting your stupidity
That is too stupid to be stupefied.

Those were the fine words of a dear friend.
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

God's will

Yesterday I woke up feeling as though a train had run over me in my sleep. Despite the mood, I picked myself up and started for school. My mind was captured by thoughts that kept crashing into each other. I couldn't think straight and so I decided to find an escape route  in music. Eventually, I found myself listening to the lecturer. I was glad  we were watching some sort of movie, because if she had said anything of mere importance, it would have worked like GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. The day seemed to be sluggish enough and  all I wanted was for the day to end and find me curled up in bed, ready to face another day. Fortunately, a certain lad got me out of class and brightened me up.
At times we find ourselves in ruts that we need to be towed out of. This was one such point for me in life. As God would have it, I went to the right person. It only takes one who genuinely cares to listen with the patience of a bird teaching its young one to fly. The last time  I had been able to speak heartily to someone had been last year October. It felt so real and weight lifting. With every word and tear I felt the heft weakening. Being a father enabled him to listen and understand that I was hurting. In the end, I was grateful for the few moments we spent  together.
Each and every day I had been seeking a way out and here it was being given a simple solution. It made me reason with myself. I had been blinded by my own  actions. I had been  derailing myself, but as always God's timing is always the best. It may not always be in line with what we think we need, but it is always the best option. I had to learn to open up my heart to the changes that surround and stop being stubborn. It will not be easy, but at least I know it is God's will  for y life.
As the journey to new beginnings commences, I hope to make due where I should and learn new things.
I would also like to give a heartful gratification to my friend. A loving father, committed fiance, a dutiful son, and last but not least, a good friend.

Thank you God for guiding me despite my faults.

Love, Peaches

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Trust in Friendship

There are times in life we meet people, and with time, we slowly let them into our inner circles. Depending on what time does to the friendship, walls keep breaking until the point of no return. Unfortunately, little things can make those walls come back up within minutes.  The heart of a person can only deal with so much, and when those closest to you act as the enemy, you break with each passing minute. Having to put up a straight face and act as if you do not know what transpires in your absence can take a toll.
Life is like a pool of resources. Some you cannot live without and others you are better of without. People fall into this category as well. It is said that the only person you should trust is yourself. Today, after 18 years of existence, I agree with it fully. I tend to be an observer of traits and at times although tit for tat is an option, I forego the mental activity and leave it to God. With that, another frienship begins to fade as lead does on a piece of paper. Slowly, carefully, but always leaving traces of a thing that was and is ceasing to have meaning, unless redone. Promises are made and broken, but not all can heal with a similar ppace of immediacy. Some hurt more than othes, but they only make you stronger.
Last Year I met and  formed friendships. Today, some I wish to leave behind, and others I cannot wait to make more memories. However, because of my experiences, I put up new walls and broke some.
As life goes on, learner beware. Waves and tides will come your way. Just be sure to put the efforts in the right place. Life is like an empty jar. When you put in golf balls, space is left. You add pebbles, something is still needed. Sand becomes an option and finally coffee.
The golf balls are the important things. Make sure they are prioritised. The pebbles are luxuries you can leave with. The sand and coffee, however, you can leave without. Life does not need perfection, but satisfaction that appeases the heart. Friendships happen the same way. Some are more meaningful than others, just be careful which ones you prioritise.

love, Peaches.