Wednesday, 13 February 2013


When I looked at you today
I saw the heart of a man
Torn by passion and love.
It is as if you were afraid
Of the what come may
Yet what terrifies you more
Is not of the possible outcomes
Rather how you will handle them.
I say this to you because as I looked
And peeked into your eyes
I saw myself in the reflection
For I do not know what to do.
Am I really that terrified?
Maybe I really am, and,
Even though it tears me apart
When I have to think about it,
I know I have to deal with it.
Am ready to go through with it
However painful it will be.
Just promise me one thing;
That even if we change,
Please don't forget me
Keep our memoirs close to your heart
And lastly
Even when all hope is lost
Know that you will always have my heart
For you saw the damned truth
Yet you still chose to try
This enigma of life
Called love, with me.