Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The other day a friend of mine requested me to blog about them. To be honest, it was one of the hardest things because what I knew about him and who he is are quite different. I say this because we are classmates. My opinion was formed by seeing him the days I did and the few things I heard about him. Writing about someone based on social impression and not actual knowledge can be misleading. Today I write because I finally got a feel of who Dan Gakombe is.

It was Monday afternoon, right after a paper when it finally dawned on me what to write. A sort of argument ensued of how the relationships of today are materialistic and pretentious. This was a rather passionate topic for Dan and I think maybe there is a story behind it to be told. Far from that, this is what I finally felt I should put down.

Dan is the type of kid who doesn't see the need to be in class everyday. Some say that routine is for primary and high school. Others, a minority, have the need to attend each and every class to indulge in new pieces of information that add to their knowledge. A little birdie also spoke of how Dan internalizes once he reads. He doesn't have to burn the midnight oil in order to comprehend a concept, and the way he elucidates it with comparisons makes one wonder what eye they were looking at the very same information with. With this ability, he is also willing to help out even the most hopeless of souls. He doesn't view certain people as wheat and others as chaff; to him all are the same.

Nobody really ever wants to listen to ones intellectual ability to grasp things. With this in mind, there is more to Dan than the kid who speaks genial things. He is a conceptualist. One of the few who think outside the box. When it comes to the implementation aspect you would have to ask him. One of his ideas was to start a football academy. This translates from the very fact that he is a good football player and a couple of his friends can attest to that.

Gax, as his friend call him, has stood the test of time and proven to be a worthy and loyal friend. His boys and FIFA always come before the ladies. He partys like he is paid to attend but in all honesty he just loves to have a good time. This must come as a result of his parents' comprehension of what it means to be a youth. These very parents are always supportive in all his prospective agenda. He has wanted to be a computer whiz to a point he started doing a diploma. The idea of being a football manger has crossed his mind and a certain friend has faith in this dream. Right now he wants to be a lawyer. I would know because I sit in the same class with him. The bottom line is that he wants to be rich. Let's just see which path will get him there first.

From a distance,