Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It was at that time that I came to reality with her unspoken fear
I was in a place of uncomprehendable oblivion
A place with an entry but without possible exit. 
It was a cold and windy night
When the moon was pale and blue
And the reality behind it was too much
The howling of the hounds scared me
It sent a cold chill down my spine
The cooing of the owls was deafening
The adrenalin that rushed through my body seemed triggered
I sat there all alone
Fighting against the nick of time
Fighting for a free and fruitful life

Is this how it feels inside?
To feel hollow as though the world has gone wild
Is it the constant reminder
Or the continuous reminiscing
No! maybe the constrained emotion of sadness
I lost the daintiest part of me
That which made me totally complete
And now I wonder if life is
What people say it is
Why did I allow myself to get lost?

Now I have to let go
To stop holding on to something
That was once so dear yet not mine anymore
I let a part of me go
And now I feel numb and void
The hollowness is consuming
The emptiness is draining
The brokenness is splitting
But I have no right to complain
Neither can I dare shed a tear
Because though I made that mistake
I seem to have found a new path
One whose journey is less destructive.