Sunday, 11 May 2014


The journey of sanity began that eerie morning. All hell broke loose and emotions ran deep. Deeper than the Mississippi. They flowed in a fit to destroy. Like the magma that corrodes the earth and pollutes the waters. The race began.
The palpitations of the heart threatened a heart attack. The inconsistency of blood pressure threatened a stroke. I looked around in search of a way out. What could I do?? I woke up in captivity. I felt strangled by life. I tried coughing, I choked. I tried to scream but my vocal chords were muted. I was in a hole in whose corners I saw no outlet.
The hole I dug had an uknown depth. Then it began to rain and the soil flowed in as mud. I wanted to leave but it felt as though I stood in sinking sand. I stretched out but nobody lurked in the wet lands.
After what seemed like an eternity my mouth was covered. Then asphyxiation. My lungs were filled with muddy water until I took my last breath. And just like that I was gone. Dust to dust with the aid of the sun. With time the wind would blow my particles away. The hunger of the termites would make me untraceable.
A lost spirit followed by a broken soul. I dug my whole and died in it. That was my sorrowful goodbye. A silenced demise.