Wednesday, 30 July 2014


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Should this also be the case for Delilah?
Is she allowed to miss her puppy?
Can she miss the one that evokes untold passions within her?
She misses him dearly.

Every moment alone reminds her of the time she would see him
Then her heart would ache for something more
Yet when he asks her what more she wants she is silent
Because deep down she knows he will never be hers
And so she is almost in tears.

Why does his absence make her uneasy?
She shivers needing him to touch her
But what touch would soothe and heal her wounds
If she cannot tell him the truth?
Delilah misses you.

She wishes she could tell him how she feels
Because every time she sees him her heart skips a beat
She wants him to know her heart is his if he wants it
She hopes that he will return soon to make her smile again
And just maybe give his heart to her.

As one more day passes she is in fear
Maybe he will forget her. Her scent. Her face.
She can only hope that absence will make his heart grow fonder
But because she knows he will never be hers
She drowns in a hole of hope
And slowly she fades from the face of love
Disappearing into the realm of lust.

Yours Truly,