Saturday, 30 August 2014


Today was one of  those random Saturdays when I was up for a party but ended up chilling with a long time friend. The peace and quiet of the evening was so inviting that I decided to do some takeout and go on a date with my ever so faithful partner, my bed. After shooting videos for an assignment my pal was driving to Karen for a team building and she offered me a ride. Although I was in the mood for a party I called up a friend and found myself on a couch the whole afternoon. And on another couch was my friend. His other friend was taking a power nap after a great time out the previous night. Quite frankly I  had expected this day to go much worse, but seated here writing I can only believe that sometimes normal is better than complicated.

There are people in our lives whose significance is undefined. I say undefined because we are yet to figure out what God's plan is by placing them in our lives. Sometimes it is by geographical circumstance like in the case of my friend, and other times it is chemistry. Again like in the case of my friend. Persons whose value cannot be determined because regardless of how much time you spend apart for some reason when you get together hours fly as you catch up and reminisce on childhood memoirs like you want to fill them in on everything. Today I realized I have such a friend. The friend that will be away for some time in the future, but history will play by its rules again and a few years from now we shall have an afternoon whose minutes can't be traced.

Going in today I was unsure of what would happen. Quite frankly I was a bit worried because I was afraid of what I already know. That there is a kind of love that never fades away. The love that the sands of time cannot corrupt but the one the heart can live without in abundance. The love that leaves the heart in peace and in high spirits. However, it is a love that lingers but never settles. That love is what defines such friendships. Where the normal is better than the complicated. Where you settle for what you can get because anything more is intoxicating to the point flight. And I am glad he settled for the normal because now I know that the friend I have is one who will always be a part of the special moments. You may not know who you will meet in life but be careful to remember why you crossed paths. They might just be more special than you think.

So until next time dear friend, be safe.