Saturday, 9 August 2014


The other day I was chatting up a friend when a mutual acquaintance strolled in. Much to my surprise, she was trying out a new pair of heels. My only problem was that those heels looked like granny heels. In a world of youth and glamour, I think some ladies, not forgetting the men, like taking the easy way out when it comes to appearance.
A phrase arose as a result of this cocoon. "Don't expect me to look like a Victoria secret model when you don't look like the Calvin Klein models". I don't dispute the fact that certain people have superfluous expectations, but the majority of us, we just want you to put in some effort. It is very taxing when a lady walks into a room and her outfit reminds you of your granny. What's even worse is when the reigning thought is "My mother dresses better than you".
Another popular complaint is that spouses tend to let go of themselves after they tie the knot. I am not excusing this idea, but when you are single and ready to mingle, you can't walk into room looking rounder than a fully pregnant woman and claim nobody likes you. As a man, when you have a beer belly and you are not yet past forty, then I think you cannot complain if your lady doesn't care for image. If the man she is with cannot make an effort, how can she? Exercise is not every girl's best friend, but she gets motivated when she sees you trying.
The dynamics of how one dresses are interpreted differently in various contexts. However, indecent is by no means a way of sprucing up your image. There are very many elegant dressing women who are decent and still turn heads when they walk into a room. The key is confidence. Not arrogance, confidence. This comes so easily when you leave the house knowing you look GOOD.
Some people ask what it means to look good. I put it simply. Know your body shape and pick colours that complement your skin tone. You cannot walk into a room wearing a screaming yellow dress and you are as black as coal. The yellow just enhances how dark you are. When you are plump, refrain from wearing clothes that are baggy. Unfortunately this makes you look bigger. I am not saying you wear tight clothes. No! Wear clothes that fit you so that you don't look like you are competing with your younger sister.

So if you know you dress like a granny, it is  time to treat yourself to tasteful dressing. Ask that friend you feel dresses elegantly. Or be daring enough to take a man when you go shopping. Trust him when he says you look good, but don't take that as a compliment when all your assets are struggling to stay inside your clothes. Looking good doesn't cost you anything. In fact, it inspires greatness.

Till next time,