Monday, 18 August 2014


She was trembling again.
She could feel it lurking right around the corner
The past that she dreaded was on her tail again.
I had heard the stories
Those of the nights she never had.
She was awake
Wide awake thinking of how everything would fall into place again.
The sleepless nights
Spent asking if she was making the right choices
If she was being true to herself.
She spoke of the thoughts that scared her to tears.
She got lost in the distance of her dreams
Yet she felt trapped by the reality that surrounded her.
She wanted to run
The destination would be unknown.
Just when she thought she had gotten her foothold
Reality had to steal the only thing she had left.
That's how she was robbed of her hope.
She believed in the new but the old was lurking
It was catching up with her.
She knew it would eventually overtake her
But she was willing to fight until the end.
She wanted to believe that she was strong enough
She needed to know she was brave enough
She desperately wanted self-affirmation.
Life never gave it to her once
The people she trusted in never listened.
She was screaming but the world heard silence
The silence that neither attracts nor distracts.
So the sleepless nights continued
She hoped they would end before she lost all.
Finally her heart found the courage to speak
When she opened her mouth it was to say goodbye.
It was time for a new reality
Time for happiness
Time to give color back to her cheeks
Time to smile genuinely
Not to be afraid of someone seeing the pain through her eyes.
The time had come for her to have a night of sleep
She would tell no more the tale of sleepless nights.