Wednesday, 10 September 2014


He saw her looking down in the corner.
Everyone else was chatting up, if not a friend, then trying to get acquainted with the strangers.
He approached her cautiously.
He wanted to know her story.
She noticed him coming her way and she lifted up her head.
He saw the mask, but said nothing.
When he reached, she made no attempt to take it off.
Then before he managed to utter a word, she spoke.
"I am," she said. A long eerie silence followed.
He thought she wanted to tell him her name.
"Well, I'm Jo...."
"I am the girl that lives behind a mask."
He was stunned. Silenced. Put to thought.
"But why?"
"Why deny thyself the pleasure of being thee?"
"Because, because nobody ever understands."

That was the life of darling Penny Poe. She was the girl that everyone saw but nobody knew. The girl that walked around but nobody ever heard. The girl that lived but nobody felt. A faint heart searching for her place. She was lovely to many, but to herself a mirage of fantasies. She sought solitude because that is where she found company. Strangely, she always found herself in a crowd and as a result she wore a mask. She was afraid to show her face. Why? Because life to her was a mystery not worth solving.
But after the question he asked, she saw life for what it was. She couldn't die without being in any memory. She couldn't disappear without a trace. But just as she began to understand, the darkness consumed her. Dawn became dusk and her fears came true. She faded away like the leaves that are caught up in a breeze. She was the girl that lived but life never saw her.


Monday, 1 September 2014


They say that when opposites attract, the bond formed is stronger than that of similar persons. This is something that even Science cannot refute. The result of many a such attractions is great friendships or life long relationships that are more often than not cherished for life. I had or have such a friend. I say had because I am not sure if that friendship will continue to hold water after a current occurrence. I can say have because I do hope that deep down that friendship still exists in our hearts even if cannot continue to exist in reality. Some may call such a friendship forbidden but I tend to think that all relationships can be saved if both parties come to a consensus. It may be far fetched but who's to say one has been damned to their faults?
Walking through the corridors and seeing that face in silence. When you cannot even utter a hello because you are afraid of no response. When you cannot text because you know you will finish the conversation in your head pretending to know what the other would say. When you have a dream about this person which on a normal day you would talk about and laugh, you ask yourself why your dreams are invaded. When your friend talks about them but you can't comment because you no longer know this person. Their face is familiar but they have become a stranger whose thoughts you no longer know and whose actions cannot be predicted. It is as though the memories have been erased and the expectations crushed. The glass that was almost full was pushed over the edge and the water seeped through the soil and the glass broke as if shattering every bit of evidence.
So now I am in an odd place. Questions and thoughts compete because there is no consistent train of thought. Sometimes absence suppresses emotions but seeing someone after a myriad of recurring things that are distinct to this person you realize that you can only forget so much. Time and again however we shall cross paths on a personal level but the outcome shall be solely dictated by circumstance. Shall we cease to be familiar and always remain strangers or shall that veil be lifted and reality shall become as we once knew it? I guess time will tell the tale of the friends that became.......

Until I can find the words to end this tale, take care.