Wednesday, 10 September 2014


He saw her looking down in the corner.
Everyone else was chatting up, if not a friend, then trying to get acquainted with the strangers.
He approached her cautiously.
He wanted to know her story.
She noticed him coming her way and she lifted up her head.
He saw the mask, but said nothing.
When he reached, she made no attempt to take it off.
Then before he managed to utter a word, she spoke.
"I am," she said. A long eerie silence followed.
He thought she wanted to tell him her name.
"Well, I'm Jo...."
"I am the girl that lives behind a mask."
He was stunned. Silenced. Put to thought.
"But why?"
"Why deny thyself the pleasure of being thee?"
"Because, because nobody ever understands."

That was the life of darling Penny Poe. She was the girl that everyone saw but nobody knew. The girl that walked around but nobody ever heard. The girl that lived but nobody felt. A faint heart searching for her place. She was lovely to many, but to herself a mirage of fantasies. She sought solitude because that is where she found company. Strangely, she always found herself in a crowd and as a result she wore a mask. She was afraid to show her face. Why? Because life to her was a mystery not worth solving.
But after the question he asked, she saw life for what it was. She couldn't die without being in any memory. She couldn't disappear without a trace. But just as she began to understand, the darkness consumed her. Dawn became dusk and her fears came true. She faded away like the leaves that are caught up in a breeze. She was the girl that lived but life never saw her.