Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Remember the day
That you looked in the mirror ad couldn’t recognize yourself
When you consciously put on a mask and left the house
That you hid yourself just to please them
The day when you knew you couldn’t leave
So you came up with a scheme to make him leave.

Remember the day
When he said you weren’t good enough and you stayed
When he said you don’t dress well and you stayed
When he criticized your eating habits and you stayed
When you hoped that he would change
And if he wouldn’t then you would have to.

Now remember the day
When he left and you got angry with yourself
How could you have been so foolish?
Don’t you love yourself?
How could you be willing to change yourself?

Yes, you’re not perfect
But why change who you are?
Why compromise your entire personality?
Why would you put off your dreams?
Why let him steal the things you love?

You are beautiful just the way you are
Imperfect yes
But so beautiful that another is willing to worship the ground you walk on
So beautiful that each time he sees you he falls in love more
So beautiful that he isn’t afraid of your dreams
That he wants to be there every step of the way.

He needs to love you
Not because of some irrational ideals
But because you are his trigger
His love
His muse
His constant reminder of beauty, hope and kindness.

Why you ask?
Because he saw you and couldn’t help himself
How do I know?
Because each time you’re together he appreciates you
With action
With gifts
With words
But mostly with his eyes

And we all know that the eyes are but a glimpse of the soul.